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Canada's #1 Selling Broth!*

Campbell’s® broths are prepared right here in Canada using quality ingredients and ALL NATURAL FLAVOURS and NO ARTIFICIAL COLOURS.

Broth is the flavour foundation of every memorable soup you’ve ever savoured so go on and pick up Campbell’sCanada’s #1 selling broth! You’ll love the full, perfectly seasoned and delicious chicken, beef or vegetable flavour you get every time.

* Claim based in part on Nielsen MarketTrack for Canada GB+MM+DR Broth category 52 week ending 06/29/2015.

Campbell's® NEW Easy-to-twist Cap

You can now open the same delicious Campbell’s® broth in ONE step with our easy-to-twist cap. When you twist the cap for the first time, the outer safety seal attached to the side of the cap will break and you will hear the sound of a click.

The first twist will automatically break the foil seal inside for you – one less step between you and homemade cooking! Although the safety seal is not visible at first, it remains attached just beneath the opening.

Our Family of Broths
No Salt Added Broths

No Salt Added Broths, the start to delicious lower sodium soups

Quickly becoming a pantry favourite, our No Salt Added Broths let you control the salt in your favourite recipes or your own homemade soup. Made with quality ingredients, our Chicken, Beef and new Vegetable varieties all have delicious flavour and 40 mg or less (per 150 mL) of naturally occurring sodium making them a great low sodium choice. For recipes visit

Available in 3 varieties:




Campbell’s Broth

Campbell’s Chicken Broth starts with real chicken for a rich, authentic flavour.