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In a bowl. In a recipe. Campbell’s® Condensed soups have always been a family favourite.

On the one hand, Campbell’s Condensed soups come in a large assortment of great tasting varieties, are easy to prepare and can be enjoyed any time. On the other hand, they also make the perfect ingredient for the many weeknight dinner solutions you can find at It’s no wonder Campbell’s Condensed soups have been a pantry staple in kitchens all across Canada for over 80 years.

Helps for the Hostess book

The idea to use condensed soup in recipes originated in a cookbook entitled “Helps for the Hostess” that was published in 1916.

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Invite Campbell’s Home For Dinner

Campbell’s Condensed soups are incredibly versatile ingredients for preparing meals. So if you’re looking for simple, delicious, and satisfying meal solutions, stock up on some of these favourites in regular or low-fat varieties and visit for Weeknight Dinners That Click.

Cream of Bacon

Roasted Red Pepper 

No Salt Added Mushroom

Cream of Chicken

Cheddar Cheese 

Low Fat Cream of Broccoli

green bean casserole and cream of mushroom soup

After WWII, Campbell’s cooked up recipes like “Green Bean Casserole” Enjoy our mini version today!