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A long & delicious past. A healthy & mouth-watering future.

The story of Campbell Soup began more than 149 years ago when Joseph Campbell, a fruit merchant, and Abraham Anderson, an icebox maker, formed the Joseph Campbell Preserve Company in Camden, New Jersey producing and selling canned fruits and vegetable preserves.

It wasn’t until 1897 that the concept of condensed soup was born with much thanks to John T. Dorrance. Condensed soup revolutionized how North Americans could easily and quickly feed their families with affordable, delicious and nourishing soup.

The new condensed soup was easier to transport and by reducing the quantity of water, the volume of an individual can was greatly reduced which made it economical.

Soon the Company expanded to 21 kinds of condensed soups, all of which sold for 10 cents a can.

Campbell Soup Company comes to Canada

On November 28, 1930, the wholesome, convenient goodness of the famous “red and white label” finally came to Canada. Nine months later in New Toronto, just north of Lake Ontario, Campbell’s Toronto Plant opened its doors and quite literally fired-up the kettles!

Some can still remember the early days, when the start of tomato soup production season marked the town with “help needed” notices written on the sidewalks of Lakeshore Boulevard in chalk. Campbell came to rely on our community a great deal, and many generations of families since have continued to contribute to Campbell’s success.

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Campbell first introduced condensed soups in 1897 and it revolutionized the way people ate.

The Timeline
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Cook With Campbell’sTM

The idea to use condensed soup in recipes originated in a cookbook entitled “Helps for the Hostess” that was published in 1916.

After the Second World War, Campbell home economists cooked up recipes like “Green Bean Casserole” that fed scores of baby boomers and became classic dishes that live on today.

As our line-up has expanded over the years, Campbell’s soups and broths have continued to inspire delicious, nutritious and easy-to-make weeknight dinners. So much so that the cookbook has moved online. So for Weeknight Dinners That Click , visit

green bean casserole

After World War II, Campbell cooked up recipes like “Green Bean Casserole” which became classics that live on today.

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Over 70 of our products offer at least one full serving of vegetables.

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Helping to Alleviate Hunger

When simple food is made affordable and convenient, balancing life’s challenges is often easier. That’s why every year Campbell encourages our fellow Canadians to get involved and donate money and non-perishable food items to their local food banks through our on-going Help Hunger Disappear® program.

In 2011 we donated one million pounds of wholesome food to food banks across the country. We also provide charitable funds, support community and awareness building programs and research initiatives. And in 2011 we took our commitment one step further with the creation of a new product called Nourish.

Inspired by our employees, Nourish was developed in consultation with the food bank community to help to address their need for nutritious, shelf-stable meals, and to help raise awareness of the issue of hunger in Canada. It is a delicious, complete meal, with a full serving of three food groups (as outlined by Canada’s Food Guide) delivering vegetables, fibre and at least 18 g of protein, thanks in part to a uniquely Canadian grain innovation. Each 425 g can of Nourish has an easy-to-open lid, 24-month shelf-life, and doesn’t require the addition of water, making it an ideal solution for food banks in Canada or in disaster-relief situations.

Nourish also uses a unique variety of oats grown exclusively in Manitoba that helps provide nutrients such as protein, iron and calcium.

Since the launch of Nourish in February 2011, Campbell Canada has donated more than 300,000 cans to food banks across the country through Food Banks Canada as well as northern Canadian communities, and Haiti/Dominican Republic.

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The Best Is Yet To Come

Campbell Canada has had a long and productive history. But it’s our future we’re really excited about. 

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We donate one million pounds of wholesome food to Food Banks across the country each year.