Pace® Chunky Salsa. A little better is a lot better.

We believe that little things can add up to something wonderful. Like when your favourite song comes on the radio, or someone buys you a coffee, or having a moment to enjoy something delicious, these little things can add up to make your day better!

Pace® Chunky Salsa

That’s why we obsess over the little details that go into making Pace® Chunky Salsa. Because together, they add up to make a big difference.

Handpicked Jalapeños, Onions, Tomatoes

Our Vegetable Goodness

  • Made with handpicked jalapeños
  • Made with fresh onions
  • Made with diced tomatoes
Pace@ Chunky Salsa Party

Our Feel-Good Factors

  • A full serving of vegetables in every ½ cup portion
  • 25 Calories per ¼ cup portion
  • No artificial colours or flavours
  • No preservatives
  • No sugar added
  • Gluten-Free
  • Low Fat
Pace® Jalapeños

Our Authentic Roots

  • Authentic formula created by our founder, David Pace
  • Over 70 years of crafting great-tasting salsa
  • Our farmers grow our own unique Pace® jalapeño
Bowl of Pace® Chunky Salsa

Our Delicious Taste

  • Whether you use it to dip or in your favourite recipe, the big chunks of crisp onions and handpicked jalapeños are sure to stick to your chip and add a delicious kick to your eating experience each and every time.
  • Great thick and chunky texture

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Pace® Salsa – Handpicked Jalapeño
Pace® Salsa – A little bit better is a lot better.

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