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Our Story

Our passion for making salsa dates back more than 60 years, to one loveable craftsman: David Pace. A purist of uncompromising care. An entrepreneur with the mind, heart and palate for making the perfect salsa.

Keeping David’s passion for quality is a tradition that is proudly carried on. Pace® is still made in Texas, with dedicated employees who carefully test every batch with the same uncompromised care that David Pace put into every bottle. Every variety embodies the great taste and craftsmanship that the Pace® brand perfected back in 1947.

Spice things up with Pace® Salsas and Picante Sauces

If you’re snacking or using it as an ingredient in a delicious recipe, our range of flavourful products will be the perfect fit.

Pace® Chunky Salsa.
A little better is a lot better.

We believe that little things can add up to something wonderful. Learn about our vegetable goodness, our feel-good factors, our authentic roots and our delicious taste.

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Cook with Pace®

We have over 40 simple and tasty recipe ideas to bring you fresh inspiration for easy-to-make weeknight recipes using Pace® salsa!

Pace® Salsa & Sauces

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