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Eating well means different things to different people. At Campbell Canada, we’re guided by our purpose of Real food that matters for life’s moments.
We offer a variety of delicious options to help you choose what’s right for you – whether that means easily finding familiar products that are also gluten-free, a variety of delicious sodium-reduced offerings, or convenient ways to help manage weight or get more vegetables.
In short, we’re making foods you can be proud to serve your family because our goal is simple – we believe when real food is made affordable and convenient, balancing life’s day-to-day challenges can often be a whole lot easier.

Research has shown that on average, people who eat soup as their first course consumed fewer overall calories during their meal, compared with those who didn’t.

Rolls, BJ., et al. Foods with different satiating effects in humans.
Fill up on fewer calories.

Eating soup can be a convenient way to accomplish several health-promoting goals – including weight management. In fact, studies show that adding foods like soup to your diet can help you feel full so you consume fewer calories.

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Leaders in sodium reduction.

Campbell Canada has proactively lowered the amount of sodium in our products for close to a decade with much progress made to date.

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Gluten-Free made easier.

Campbell Canada offers a variety of delicious gluten-free products so that individuals with a gluten sensitivity can have familiar food options that can also be enjoyed by the whole family. Look for our “Gluten-Free” symbol on Campbell products.

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More vegetables and whole grains? Sure thing!

It’s not always easy to eat everything you’re supposed to, like vegetables and whole grains – we can help you get there.

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Campbell Company of Canada has led the food industry in sodium reduction since 2003.