Halal Certified
For A
Halal Diet


Extraordinary, Authentic Nourishment for All®

Campbell Canada is committed to providing foods that meet the diverse dietary needs of all Canadians – whether it means gluten-free products, reduced sodium choices or in this case, Halal Certified soups and broths.

All our Halal products are certified by IFANCA® – Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America – a non-profit organization that certifies halal food products in over 50 countries around the world. 

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What is Halal Certification?

Halal Certification is the process of having a qualified, independent, third-party
supervise the production of food products, attesting that they were produced in
conformity with the preparation and ingredient standards of the halal lifestyle.
The supervisory third-party then issues Halal Certification to the producer
attesting to halal conformity on a per product basis.


All Campbell’s Halal certified products carry the internationally recognized IFANCA® logo.