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A lot of thought goes into our delicious and nutritious products.

At Campbell Canada we’re proud of making delicious, convenient and affordable foods, snacks and beverages we’re proud to serve our family and yours. Our soups have been welcome guests in Canadian kitchens for over 80 years – whether in a bowl or as a key ingredient for fast and easy weeknight meals.

We’re also proud of our snacks like Goldfish® crackers, sauces and salsa like Prego® and Pace® and refreshing beverages like V8 V-Fusion® juice blends.

So whether you’re looking for a quick and satisfying meal or something fast and filling on the go, Campbell has you covered.


Get the boost you need to get through a busy day with V8 + ENERGY™. A refreshing drink with caffeine from green tea and no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners—so you can feel good about it too!

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Campbell's® Healthy Request®

We all know that we only get the best out of our bodies when we put the best in. And that means asking hard questions about the food that we choose to eat. At Campbell’s, we challenged ourselves to change your perceptions of soup in a can and what it can do for you. We created Campbell’s Healthy Request® with your needs in mind - food that tastes as good as it makes you feel about eating it.

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Campbell's® Broths

Add flavour to everyday meals. Campbell’s broths are a versatile go-to ingredient to help enhance the taste of everyday soup and sides because they provide a delicious chicken, beef or vegetable flavour. Not only are they the perfect start to your own homemade soup, they’re also the perfect ingredient for many Weeknight Dinners That Click.

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Campbell’s Everyday Gourmet
Campbell’s® Everyday Gourmet uses unique spices and ingredients to deliver bold and rich flavoured soups Visit Campbell's Everyday Gourmet
Campbell's® Condensed

In a bowl. In a recipe. Campbell’s Condensed soups have always been a family favourite. Campbell’s Condensed soups come in a large assortment of great tasting varieties, are easy to prepare and can be enjoyed any time. They also make the perfect ingredient for the many weeknight dinner solutions you can find at

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Campbell’s® Chunky®

Campbell's Chunky - The Soup That Eats Like A Meal®. Enjoy a hearty selection of varieties with pieces of vegetables, meat or juicy clams prepared in either a savoury cream or broth. So when hunger strikes, fight back with a satisfying can of Chunky.

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Campbell's® Ready To Serve

If you’re in the mood for classic Campbell’s flavour, just pick up a can of Ready To Enjoy. Campbell’s Ready To Enjoy soups are fast and delicious. Just pour into a bowl, heat and grab your spoon.

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Campbell's STOCK FIRST™ Cream Stock: The first cream stock from Campbell's®, this incredibly versatile base lets you create an unlimited variety of flavours to elevate your creamy recipes to perfection.

Campbell's STOCK FIRST™ Chicken and Beef Stock: Add rich and robust flavour to all of your culinary recipe inspirations. A premium cooking ingredient, our chicken stock and beef stock contain no artificial colours or flavours and our beef stock is gluten-free.

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The Snack That Smiles Back®. But if you have kids at home, you already know that. Pepperidge Farm® Goldfish crackers are a family favourite because kids get a kick out of eating them. They also have 0 trans fats and are low in saturated fat.

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Soups On The Go

Campbell’s Soup At Hand® cups, Campbell’s Hearty Noodles® instant noodles and Campbell's® Healthy Request® and Chunky® bowls are the perfect way to enjoy a quick warm snack when you’re on the go.

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Pepperidge Farm® Cookies

Monaco® - The classic Monaco cookie. Simple. Elegant. The perfect balance of exquisite cookies and luxuriously rich dark chocolate – in irresistible varieties to match any mood.

Chocolate Chunk - Baked with an abundance of rich, chocolate chunks, these delicious originals satisfy your most decadent cookie cravings.

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There’s always time for a V8 Original Vegetable Cocktail. Try V8® Original Vegetable Cocktail and enjoy a delicious full serving of vegetables. 

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In our world, jalapeños are king. So whether you love a good dipping salsa or use it as an ingredient in a southwestern inspired recipe, Pace salsa and picante sauce are sure to add that flavourful kick you’re looking for.

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Enjoy hearty Italian sauce that starts with red vine-ripened tomatoes for a fullness of flavour you can taste in every bite. Even better, it’s a fast and easy way to enjoy two daily servings of vegetables and it is also endorsed by the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s Health Check symbol.

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A delicious Canadian favourite for over 90 years, Habitant has been made using traditional homemade recipes since 1918. Just pour into a bowl, heat and serve for a comforting bowl of soup made with just the right amount of seasoning.

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Bisto Traditional gravy has been making dinners special for over a century because it’s the easy way to make delicious gravy every single time. It’s also a great way to add flavour and thicken both soups and stews.

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The recipe for V8 Original vegetable cocktail was first created in 1933 and contained the same garden vegetables it does today