Prego ® Sauce
and Pasta:
Best Friends

Pasta and sauce

Cover your pasta with 2 delicious servings of vegetables.

Prego is so full of flavour, you don’t need to add a thing! This hearty Italian sauce has the perfect balance of sweet tomato taste and savoury Italian seasonings.

Prego carries the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s Health Check symbol so you know it’s a healthy way to enjoy 2 daily servings of vegetables per serving.

Whether you use Prego Italian sauce as a tasty base for your favourite recipes, or as the topping for a simple, hearty pasta dish, you’ll appreciate the delicious taste and aroma that always comes through!

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Are You Getting Enough Vegetables?

Prego Italian sauce contains 2 delicious servings of vegetables per serving. Everyone knows that vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet, but how big is a serving and how many are recommended in a day?


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In Italian, the word “Prego” means, “You’re welcome”!