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V8 vegetable cocktail

Can’t seem to get enough vegetables? V8® can help.

Over half the population of Canada isn’t getting their 7- 10 vegetable and fruit servings recommended per day*. So when’s the best time to get them in? With our delicious family of V8 products, the answer is anytime and anywhere.

If you’re craving the goodness of veggies, but want the flavour of fruit, pick up a V8 V-Fusion® Juice Blend and enjoy a full serving of both vegetables and fruit.

If you want to refresh your day with a thirst-quenching fruit flavoured beverage with a hint of carrot try V8 Splash®.

* Statistics Canada, 2010

Family Of Products
V8 Original Smooth and seasoned
V8 Smooth & Seasoned

If you love a zesty vegetable cocktail, then you’ll love V8 Smooth & Seasoned It is a deliciously flavoured, refreshingly smooth and easy way to get 2 full servings of vegetables per 250 ml serving.

How Big Is A Serving Of Vegetables?

V8 Original Vegetable Cocktail provides 2 full servings of veggies per 250 mL serving and V8 V-Fusion provides a full serving of vegetables AND a full serving of fruit in every 250 mL serving. Find out if you’re getting enough.

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grouping of vegetables

The recipe for V8Original was first created in 1933 and contained the same garden vegetables it does today.