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As parents, you want to be prepared when snack time hits. Feel good sharing the smiles of our Goldfish® cracker family with your family when snack time comes. Always baked, our crackers contain no artificial flavours, have 0 trans fat and are low in saturated fat. So whether it’s our family-friendly Goldfish® crackers, the epic flavour combinations of Goldfish® Flavour Blasted® crackers, or our sweetest variety, Goldfish® Grahams, we’ve got snack time covered! 

Grating cheese into a glass bowl

Baked with Real Cheese

Our Goldfish® Cheddar crackers are always Baked with Real Cheese. 

Red onions on wood table

Made with Natural Colours 

We use extracts and concentrates from plants to make our Goldfish® Colours® crackers. 

Goldfish® crackers placed to form a smily face

No Artificial Flavours

We start with smiles and add in ingredients, many of which can be found in household pantries, such as sugar and cocoa in our Goldfish® Grahams. 

Find your Favourite

Goldfish® Colours package

Goldfish® Favourites

The Snack That Smiles Back!® Grab your
favourite flavours.

Goldfish® Grahams Vanilla Cupcakes and Chocolate Brownies packages

Goldfish® Grahams

Taste the sweet side of your favourite snack! 

Goldfish® Flavour Blasted® Xtreme Cheddar and Kick it up a Nacho packages

Goldfish® Flavour Blasted®

Everything you love about Goldfish® crackers with an extra blast of oomph!